CCTV VS IP Camera:


  • An analog camera is a traditional camera used in CCTV systems. It sends video over cable to DVRs.
  • Traditional analog cameras operate over coax cable.

  • DVR is a source. It won't work without a DVR. It connects the wire source to the destination to the camera.

IP Camera:

IP(internet protocol) cameras are digital video cameras that transmit video footage via computer networks. IP cameras typically feature better picture quality, advanced recording features, and the capability of connecting a larger number of cameras to the system, when compared with the older CCTV systems.

Two types of IP camera 

1) Ethernet IP camera (Wired IP camera)

2) Wireless IP camera

In a few of country stop CCTV technology.

In India's central government and State government projects moved into only IP cameras.


CCTV CameraIP Camera   
Analog and old technology 
Digital and new technology
It is not supporting wireless camera
It is supporting wireless camera
The camera can live view on mobile using DVR.
It can view directly from the camera and NVR(DVR).
It will store only a Hard disk. (nonsecure data recording)It records hard disk, SD card, cloud, and local server storage. (Secure recording data) . You hide the recorder anywhere in your location.

It is not possible to rotate the camera.

It is possible to rotate the 360 camera using a mobile.

It is not easy to install an add-on camera.(because of the need to connect the wire from source to destination)
It is easy to add a camera using an IP camera(which can be connected to the nearest hub or switch ).In wireless IP just addon a camera.
It is not easy to service. Most of the issues, again and again, are wire laying issues.It is easy to service using some application to find the issue. Resolve the wire issue using the jointer or connect the nearest hub or switch. It is a very easy wireless IP camera.

Audio is not supported.

Audio recording is possible. You can hear live audio and record audio from mobile.

Siren alarms are not supported and are controlled by mobile.

Siren alarm support and control by mobile.AI alarm and human detect alarm control by mobile.                                                                                               


Analog like the old cable tv concept.                                                                               
IP is digital like dish TV and IP TV concept.
It is not suitable for more than 80 meters of distance.It can support 4 to 5 KM. We have done the street projects and resort projects long distances. We can use fiber low-cost distance extenders.

CCTV 8 Camera Design:

CCTV connection all cameras connect from source to destination.

Please find 8 camera designs in CCTV:

IP Camera 8 Camera design:

IP Camera can reduce the wire using multiple switches.

Wireless IP 8 Camera Design:

The wireless IP camera connects to the wireless router. 

CCTV VS Wireless IP Camera Installation Picture:

CCTV involves a lot of wires and is difficult to service. Wireless IP camera is not involving wire and easy service.

CCTV Wire Installation Picture:                                                                                                                                                          

Wireless IP camera picture:

CCTV VS IP camera videos: